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CMMI and Business Objectives

June 29, 2010

Here areĀ  some common organizational business objectives. Let us understandĀ  how CMMI can help our organization in meeting such objectives?
Produce Quality Products or Services. The process improvement concept in CMMI models evolved from the Deming, Juran, and Crosby quality paradigm: Quality products are a result of quality processes. CMMI has a strong focus on quality-related [...]

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Biometrics-Its Importance

June 18, 2010

Every person has a set of unique physiological, behavioral, and morphological characteristics that can be examined and quantified. Biometrics is the use of these characteristics to provide positive personal identification. Fingerprints and signatures have been used for many years to prove an individual’s identity, but individuals can be identified in many other ways as well. [...]

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Project management : Assessing the personalities

June 11, 2010

Skilled project managers should be able to apply a systematic approach to identifying personalities and potential clashes within teams. They should be able to categorize the various team members according to personality type. Most project managers will undertake this assessment naturally when they meet team members. This assessment will normally be made at an unconscious [...]

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