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Project, Project Management and Processes

Published on March 12, 2010 By admin

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to  create a  unique product, service, or result. These  temporary and unique characteristics determine if a particular endeavor is a project.
Project management is  the application of knowledge,  skills,  tools, and techniques to project activities to meet  project requirements. This application  of knowledge  requires the effective  management of appropriate [...]

What is Iterative Development?

Published on December 25, 2009 By admin

This development style is more commonly known as iterative and incremental development, which we define as having the following:
• It involves the iterative application of a set of activities to evaluate a set of assertions, resolve a set of risks, accomplish a set of development objectives, and incrementally produce and refine an effective solution.
• It is iterative [...]

Symptoms of software Development Problems

Published on July 17, 2008 By admin

1 User or business needs not met
2 Requirement churn
3 Modules dont integrate
4 Hard to maintain
5 Build and release issues
6 Late discovery of flaws
7 Poor quality or end user experience
8 Poor performance under load
9 No coordination team effort