“Staying a step ahead of the competition in Europe creates an exceptional demand on our IT systems and processes. SPEC INDIA has consistently designed developed and implemented solutions that have met or exceeded our expectations over the years. These value added contributions permit diverse organizations like ours to focus on core business areas that help us build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“I consider SPEC INDIA an essential IT services partner and an effective vendor.”

- Josep Coderch | PepsiCo International – Europe
"One year ago we started an ambitious project in which we took a mix of mainframe based COBOL & Java programs from the PepsiCo Business Solutions Group from Dallas, USA. With the help of SPEC INDIA, we transformed and supplemented these programs to run on state of the art Java / Oracle / UNIX platforms. These systems form the cornerstone of our Western European Commercial Solutions and make it possible to execute our Go To Market strategy.

SPEC INDIA team's contribution has made it possible to deliver this project in only 12 months, which is an outstanding achievement."

Ken Bardsen | Benelux - Frito Lay - Europe
I want to congratulate you and your team for the excellent work demonstrated in this pre-release of HHC. The results are excellent. We're testing it, and changing download files to see the results, and it is really very nice to see how it works.

Although I know that it is a release on developing, so it is not an error free code, I prefer to send you the issues I find looking at it, so I hope that will help in the debugging process. I attached some very preliminary issues. I will be completing the list with Arturo and send to you an updated list in some days. Good job. Continue progressing on the same line.

JM - IT Manager | Iberia - PepsiCo International - Europe

I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed working with your and your entire organization. This was not just on the technical front. I certainly enjoyed all the culture sharing that we were able to do as well.

Our expectations on the technical side were significantly exceeded. You team did a very professional job on all fronts. I have personally reviewed all the documentation and can find no areas that need improvement. We have not had a chance to inspect the actual code just yet; however I also expect that we will be equally impressed at that end.

Again, thank you very much for making this a very enjoyable experience...

John Auchter - Information Services | Schneider Electric - North America
First of all, I want to congratulate you on a fantastic job on the QMS demonstration this morning. I have already received a lot of positive feedback from Mike and Martha and Larry. It is wonderful to work with you guys!!! You guys did an excellent job of explaining how the system is going to work. Job well done!

I wanted to let you know again, how happy the business is with the user manual. They told me yesterday evening that it will be of great benefit to them in their training classes. I know are working long hours to get this done for us, Thank you.

Deborah Chatham - Sr. Business Analyst | Schneider Electric
My review along with additional information needed is below. Overall, I am impressed with SPEC INDIA’s interpretation of our specifications/ requirements, & I like the format of the Impact Analysis Document; i.e. requirement/ change description, existing functionality & proposed functionality with screen shots and logical flow that is easy to follow.

Mike Cheatham - Business Process Owner - Quotations | Schneider Electric
Windows Mobile application ELinkBiz
SPEC INDIA provided great service for our organization with attention to detail and met our customization requirements. We plan a long term relationship with them.

TLCIT.COM Technolink
SPEC INDIA did excellent work for this project as usual. They've proven to us that they're very competent. That's why we've given them several projects on Elance. We would recommend them to anyone who needs programming done.

Elance (pmb@elanceonline.com)

Thanks for letting me know. I am traveling on business for another week or so, but I will make sure I create enough issues for you to work on next week.

I am very happy with your services and would like to offer you to please enjoy tomorrow (Friday) off at my expense. You can bill me for a full 8 hour day and I will pay it to you as a bonus.

Enjoy your weekend! I will speak with you again next week.

Travis | PTICOM