BlackBerry is one of the leading smartphones and is giving a good competition to iPhone & Android. BlackBerry provides variety of smart application for business which gives them an edge over other smartphones. This business solution provides you an easy access to your mails and files while you are on the move. Apart from business applications, there are lot of other BlackBerry applications available in different categories like entertainment, finance, social networking, recreation, travel, maps and navigation etc.

BlackBerry provides different tools and software kits for application development. BlackBerry applications are generally developed using either Java Micro Edition (J2ME) or Mobile Data System (MDS) platform. Using J2ME platform developers can develop complex and feature rich applications, unlike MDS. Applications developed using J2ME work independently of back-end platform and these applications can be easily downloaded from the web. However MDS platform enables to develop applications rapidly which also saves development cost. Applications which are developed in J2ME with long development time can be developed faster using MDS.