Business Intelligence provides the single fact for all the data of organizations. It helps business to get the correct information for each business like What is the sell of products in peak season ? Is your business meeting the bench mark? How many customers in your organization are satisfied with your services?

All such fact can be achieved by Business Intelligence Application? Now, the question comes in mind what is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a bunch of mathematical models and methodologies that use the available data to generate required information for a business. These mathematical models help to transform the data into the information and knowledge. This models also reliable to churn the probability of decision.

Components of Business Intelligence

Components of Business Intelligence

Components of Business Intelligence

Data Sources: Various Operations data and OLTP database is the data sources of the BI. As we all know Enterprise uses the ERP, Legacy, CRM and several other systems for their daily operations.

Data Warehouse/Data Mart: All the enterprise data can be clubbed into transforms into the one data bases. We will explain about the Data warehouse and Data mart on next blogs. The various activities for data warehouse/Data marts are Data profiling, cleansing , consolidations and star/snowflake schema.

Data explorations: Mathematical models can be used to explore the data pattern and identity which help for various learning from the data

Data Mining: It is the process and continuous loop of activities which ultimate goal of making the better decisions. Main tools of data mining are data classifications, clustering, Associations, Regressions.

Optimizations: Need to apply various data mining algorithm to optimize the process and identify the best suitable for the optimizations.

Decisions: Optimize business decision

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