“ZooM” is a mobile sales force automation solution developed by SPEC INDIA for effective distribution of goods through Van. Van sales comprise the process of selling the goods from distributor to customers through van.  Apart from delivery this process also includes the process of taking the orders, selling the goods and printing the invoice at the point of sale. ZooM can be easily ported to any mobile devices/smartphones/handhelds to automate different process like inventory profiling, taking orders, generating invoice, sales orders, survey details etc. This client application will act as a front end for your ERP application.

Some of the outstanding features provided in “ZooM”:

  • Acts as front end for your existing ERP application
  • GPS integration
  • Route accounting
  • Capture business information real time
  • Provide direct access to customer and product details
  • Generate reports at the end of the day
  • Tack field force activities and many more.