Microsoft Silverlight is a robust application development platform which enables to develop web and mobile applications rapidly. Silverlight is a cross platform framework through which you can develop web applications with rich user experience which helps meeting the changing needs of the business. Silverlight application can be developed in any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Microsoft Silverlight is a browser free plug-in that can work with all web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer etc. Silverlight enables software developers to develop innovative and interactive web applications with wide range of features. Using Silverlight framework you can develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA) which is highly robust. Silverlight framework can be easily integrated with Share Point servers, .NET framework and all other Microsoft technologies; it takes the edge in case of mobile application development.

One of the main features of Silverlight is that it enables you to make dynamic content available to web browsers and it is also a powerful tool for developing application that are web based, desktop based or mobile based. Some of the other benefits of developing applications in Microsoft Silverlight are.

• It is cross OS and cross browser compatible.
• It can be easily integrated or migrated with ASP.NET.
• It provides best performance and delivery even when media content is included.
• Like Ajax, you don’t need to refresh whenever the content changes.
• It enables developers and designers to work independently.
• It also gives freedom to use third party languages to build rich applications.