Pentaho is innovative low cost business analytic tool (BI Tool), which helps you to visualize and analyze data in form of business information. Through Pentaho you can build interactive Reports & Dashboards to discover the trends and anomalies in business.
In short, Pentaho is BI platform which support the BI Reporting, Analysis, Dashboards, Data Mining, data Integration. Pentaho is Open Source BI tool, on another hand there is Enterprise Edition Pentaho tool and on request support is also available.
What I should choose between Pentaho Community Edition OR Enterprise Edition?

Its depend on business need, In Enterprise Edition you can do more many things in easy way than community edition does, as the target audition is business users. Professional support is also available for Enterprise Edition, which enable user to open unlimited cases to Pentaho support Team.

Through Community Edition, you can do the custom coding to full fill your business requirement, for support, Pentaho community Forum is available. CDE (Community Dashboard Editor) and SAIKU are also great tool to create/design dashboards and analytical reports.

Need help to decide what is best option fitted in your business?
• Pentaho Tool can be integrated with any Database (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL …).
• In Enterprise Edition we can generate the dashboard, Analytical report, Reports easily.
• Custom coding facility is not available in Enterprise Edition now.
• CTOOL is great tool to achieve the customize report in Community Edition.(in case of custom coding required).
• Through Community Pentaho we can use CTOOL or Google Visualize API or Fusion Chart to generate the stunning Dashboards.
• We can Install the both edition into single server and can manage the application to handle both edition.
• In CTOOL gradient bar chart or stunning look like fusion charts is not supported, for stunning Fusion chat customer need to purchase the Fusion chart Licence version and need to integrate into Pentaho.
• These reports can be easily integrated with your existing Web Application.
• Community Edition CTOOL dashboards are supported on Android and iOS also.

SPEC-INDIA is providing Pentaho BI services to his customer to create the dashboards, Reports, Analytical reports in Pentaho Community Edition, as well as the Enterprise Edition.